STHLM TECH Meetup is Europe's largest gathering of startups each month. This month we've add a Job Fair before the meetup. So come one hour early! See link above

This month, our special guests H&M needs no introduction, especially in Sweden where it started more than 70 years ago.

Since 2015 H&M CO:LAB has been investing in a few things you might have heard of, like Klarna, Sellpy, Dashl, Thread, Budbee, to name just a few, and it's worth noting that H&M's CEO Karl Johan Persson is quite easily the most active investor in Swedish startups the past 2 years.

Propel Capital is in the news again last week for raising it's 5th fund, and we're excited to have them on stage to share details of what types of startups they plan to invest in.

Come meet the teams from H&M CO:LAB and Propel Capital as we discuss what's happening in startups, ecommerce, and all things tech. As usual we will have news and announcements and 3 startups pitching live on stage.

Or WATCH LIVE, and  ask / vote up questions for the special guests

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17:00 - Job Fair  / Doors Open
18:00 - Presentations start
19:00 - Interview
19:30 - Startup pitches
20:30 - Discounted Drinks and networking in the bar